Make Up Consulting


Make up consulting will help you find your own style. You can get to know your skin type, face, eye and mouth shape, and together we will find the colors that are really good for you.

Make up consulting

The unique feature of professional make-up products is that they have a more spectacular and lasting effect. In contrast, their use by the general public is not recommended because they are more difficult to treat and apply, and are significantly different from the usual ones. Their daily use is not recommended and their availability is limited.

Find your style with make up consulting in the centre of Zalaegerszeg. 

I try to give tips on which of the decorative cosmetics available to everyone should be replaced with the products I use, in order to achieve similar quality results.

Makeup advices is effective if the Guest can make what they hear and see in their own life, and can integrate it into their life and everyday life.

Alternative service:

Makeup Tattoo

Makeup tattoo

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